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Most pet owners find it difficult to visit the Vet these days due to busy schedules and have resulted into using the internet for quick searches probably on home remedies on how to deal with the health of their pets.

The internet has made it easy to get answers on questions relating to any problem in life, so don't feel bad or intimidated when you search for tips on how to help your pet. Moreover veterinarians are now online too.

THEVETCARE is an online vet that'll help you get answers to your questions in few minutes, the animal team are here to improve the quality of life of your pets.


For our new visitors and clients

  • visit
  • Navigate through the menu list
  • click on ASK A VET  ONLINE 
  • Allow the page to open 
  • Navigate through and Scroll down to find the comment box
  • Drop your questions using the comment box 
  • Get your Reply in 5 mins 
We  all urge users to feel free and come here anytime to use this tool "Ask a Vet Online" to ask questions.
Report any symptoms or critical health conditions using this tool.
Use the comment box to report all necessary questions and you'll get your reply in 5 mins

Thank you

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  1. My cat don't eat and he is pressing his head on me or against the wall. He is a half year old. im im rea hoping i can get a help thank you


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