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How to Make Your Pet Eco Friendly


How to have an eco friendly pet

How to be an eco-friendly pet owner

  • Pets are of great joy and satisfaction. They help to improve our minds in so many ways and also help us stay healthy, to help us maximize this benefits we all have to make our pets Eco friendly.
  • Making your pets Eco friendly requires a lot of effort ,time and resources but it definitely worth it.

Clean environment

Make sure the environment you stay in is very clean and tidy even that of your pet should not be an exception.
Change your pets liters everyday, clean its kernel or where ever you keep it. Never forget to use virocides and bacteriocides to clean the environment, you may also spray it. Endeavor to remove pets before spraying.

 Use less chemicals.

When cleaning your pet home make sure your you avoid unnecessary chemicals like shampoo or whatever.
Use more of water and antiseptic to clean your home and that of your pet.
Allow for proper ventilation and enough sunlight within the environment.

Eat a little natural 

Dogs and cats are certainly vegan, it would be unwise to just go natural on their diet all of a sudden as it would cause a great side effect on your pets health and might damage it.
You can just add a little vegetables like carrot, cabbages to its diet as it also help to improve it skin and health.

Avoid electronic pet toys 

Use natural pet toys when you want to play with your pet. This helps you and your pet closer to nature and enjoy a great atmosphere. You should also make it wear a collar around the neck to make it look great even your cat could also wear a collar too.

Put some clothes on.

Yeah, this is shocking for some that pets wear clothes.
I must say it as a vet, you should give it some clothes. Not a shirt and trouser, there are a lot of clothes for pets on the Internet here. You might want to check out some.
Getting a pet clothe especially for your dog helps to keep it's temperature at optimal rate.
It also keeps it warm during cold days and help it look smart and ready to socialize with others.

Keep your pets clean

Keeping your pets very clean might be tiring but trust me its the right thing to do. No one would want to play with dirty animals.
So keep your pets very clean, endeavor to bath and dry them every day just as you bath your self everyday.
You may also try to cut its nails to make it eco friendly.

Always go for regular check ups.

Visiting the Vet is very important and a great step for you to have an Eco friendly pet.
Never miss an appointment with the Vet, Go for treatments when necessary and never be too tired to do this.
Report any unusual signs to the Vet and don't waste any time in doing so.

This are my major tips on how you can have an eco friendly pet.

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