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Benefit's of Growing Old with Pets

Benefits of Growing Old with pets

People who are trying to remain well as they age might want to adopt a pet, in step with new information from the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging.

For the survey, researchers polled regarding 2,000 U.S adults from ages 50-80, 55% closely held a minimum of one pet.

Dogs were the foremost common pet, followed by cats and tiny animals, like birds and hamsters. however despite the sort of animal, the overwhelming majority of householders said their pets boosted their mental and physical health.

Most of the older pet house owners said their animals have helped them fancy life and feel loved; roughly about 80%  said their pets helped to reduce stress; and virtually 3/4 said their furry friends gave their life a new purpose.

Additionally, 60% of pet homeowners  and 78% of dog owners also said their pets helped them keep physically active. Sixty percent conjointly said their pets helped them deal with physical and emotional health problems.

A lot of benefits is experienced when pets are kept, the aged ones enjoy maximum benefits of this pets. Pets lower stress, it reduces depression and anxiety and encourage physical activities.
Pet keeping has a great impact on aged ones, it removes loneliness and improves social life.

As humans social support comes with a lot of health benefits like lower rates of chronic illness, less stress and lots more. Interacting with pets will bring maximum benefits to our aged ones.

I'd want to encourage both young and old to take delight in adopting a pet, especially the older ones, it would yield maximum benefits and improving your living standard. Continue to enjoy the Holidays as you make your mind over.

Happy Holidays
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