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Tips for a Successful Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Successful poultry farming in Nigeria

Tips for a Successful  Poultry Farming in Nigeria.

Poultry Farming involves rearing domesticated birds like chicken, turkey, ducks geese for meat and eggs and poultry farms are where these birds are raised for commercial purposes or for  personal consumption.
The chicken happens to be most popular poultry bird and if you have the intension of going into poultry farming as a business. I'll persuade you to read this post to the end.

Why poultry farming in Nigeria.

Poultry farming is the most profitable and common farm business in Nigeria so far, for you to keep up with it, you've got to analyze the profitability and be aware of cost and other potentials involved if you want to invest in this farm business.
About 160 Million Nigerians consume poultry products like chicken, eggs, turkey and lots more. A lot of more frozen poultry products and eggs are  being supplied to big restaurants, event  and even brought to the market. There
As it stands nothing of the poultry is a waste, their faeces are used for manure, their feathers are used in making pillows and they serve as source of meat and income. I strongly recommend you to go into poultry business.

How to start a poultry farm in Nigeria.

To start a poultry farm in Nigeria, there are a lot of factors to consider and tips to put in mind. Let me put you through this, the major tips to consider when having a successful poultry farm in Nigeria are
Vaccination and
Other expenses.


Location of your poultry farm is very essential and important.
You have to discern what type of meat most people around your chosen location love to eat.
Some people in certain locations would prefer pork to the beef or even the goat meat. But the chicken meat is widely eaten by a large variety of people.
Get a very big space or  land for your ingredient scale of your poultry farm and you might as well use your backyard if you have enough space.
Make your easily accessible and not far from town.
You might use a rural community to avoid high cost. Remember to be security conscious as not locating your poultry farm where cases of theft are rampart.
You must also have access to basic social amenities like water, electricity and good roads etc.

Poultry Breed:

Your purpose of poultry farming would determine your type of breed. The two major types of poultry breeds are the layers and broilers.
Modern breeds produce more eggs than local traditional breeds of birds, they are also highly productive and profitable for commercial purposes.
Layers: This are breeds of chicken that are reared for the main purpose of egg production, so if you're going into egg production, i strongly recommend this breeds.
Broilers: They are fast growing poultry breeds within short period of time.
If you want to produce meat in high quantity for commercial purposes. You should go with this breed.
No matter what type of breed you've decide to choose, each poultry breeds need special management and care for a successful poetry farming in Nigeria.

Poultry Housing

Choosing the type of poultry housing you want, there are three main different types of poultry housing. 
Free roaming system 
Saw-dust system 
Caging system.
I'm sure you know how these three works, choose the one that would fit your style, but I'll recommend you using the caging system.

Poultry feeds

Feed definitely keeps your birds healthy, No doubt Good and nutritious feed would also enhance wellbeing, high productivity and leads to a successful poultry farming.
Provide your birds with the right type of feed at a certain age alongside with the adequate amount of feed according to the number of birds.
Always supply enough fresh water to your birds on a regular basis according to the daily demands.


Vaccines are a very good aspect of having a successful poultry farming in Nigeria. Ensure your birds are been checked up by the Veterinarian at least once in a month in case of disease outbreak.
Give the necessary prescription at the exact dosage recommended by the Veterinarian and report any strange signs.

Other Expenses

Other expenses here include care and management. Be prepared to pay for maintenance expenses like poultry pen repair, feeding trough, water trough, buying chicks, buying feed, paying poultry workers, selling poultry products and also for a poultry consultant

Making your poultry farming a success

Making your poultry farm a success is the key factor in poultry farming. There are a lot of factors to put into considerations.


Having enough capital would help you do very well and go far enough to help you promote your poultry farming business.
Having a capital of N700,000 should be enough to start a poultry farm with about 500 birds .
You might borrow a loan if you can't afford this amount right now, but i assure it would pay off.

Have a business plan

Having a good business plan would make you keep regular accounts, and would help you reach your goals faster and easier. You should map out your ideas and strategic moves here so as to make your poultry farming a success.

Go on Budget

Going on budget would help you spend right. It would help you cover expected and unexpected expenses.
I suggest you make a list of the necessary poultry equipment you might need. Go for the right thing.
Save up money by gathering information on the prices.
Prepare yourself for the risk and rewards

Be prepared 

Every business has its ups and downs, so be prepared for every challenges and obstacles you'll face.
Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day so you've got to be patient. You'll be successful when you play the rules, handle every thing with care. 
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