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Growing old with pet is better | See Reasons

Growing old with pet is better, See Reasons

Growing old with pet is better, See Reasons below

People who are trying to remain well as they age might want to adopt a pet, in step with new information from the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging.

For the survey, researchers polled regarding 2,000 U.S. adults from ages fifty to eighty. 55 percent same they closely-held a minimum of one pet. Dogs were the foremost common pet, followed by cats and tiny animals, like birds and hamsters. however despite the sort of animal, the overwhelming majority of householders same their pets boosted their mental and physical health.

Nearly ninetieth of older pet house owners same their animals helped them fancy life and feel loved; roughly eightieth same their pets reduced stress; and virtually three-quarters same their furred friends provided a way of purpose, in step with the poll. additionally, sixty fourth of pet homeowners — and seventy eight of dog owners — same their pets helped them keep physically active. Sixty percent conjointly same their pets helped them deal with physical and emotional health problems.

People did report a couple of drawbacks to pet possession, as well as problem traveling or deed the house (54%) and money strains (18%). Six percent of pet {owners|house house owners|homeowners} same they’d fallen or gashed themselves as a results of having a pet — in keeping with a recent study finding rising rates of fractures among aged dog owners. Fifteen percent of pet house owners, as well as twenty sixth of these WHO same they were in truthful or poor health, same their pet’s health took precedence over their own.

Still, lots of analysis has shown that regarding anyone will have the benefit of their pet, since animals will lower stress, scale back symptoms of depression and anxiety and encourage physical activity. The new poll suggests that pet possession is also particularly impactful for older adults, given however common loneliness and social isolation are at intervals this cohort.

Human social support comes with a bunch of health edges — less stress, lower rates of chronic illness and a lot of — and analysis shows that interacting with pets will bring several of an equivalent edges. (Animals could even function a catalyst for human friendships, since they usually get caretakers enter the community, analysis shows.) If owning a pet isn’t AN choice for a few animal lovers, the report’s authors suggest volunteering at AN animal shelter, transcription pet medical aid visits or pet-sitting.
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