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Dog GPS Tracker & GPS Chip 2019

Dog GPS Tracker & GPS chip 2019

The pet technology market is moving on a  very fast wheel, and thus our furry friends are not left out. A lot of new tools have been invented to also help pet parents  advance their care for their pets starting from automatic feeders down to GPS trackers and a whole lot more tools keep coming each day.
Using all these pet technologies have been of great relieve says one pet owner in the US.
I came back from work and couldn't find my dog at home, it had strayed away she said. I was greatly worried and distressed at first till i used the GPS tracker to locate it, I later found it in my neighbors garden yard some few streets away.
I picked it up and was happy, she ended.
Pet trackers are of great use and help save a lot of worries. In the last few months the rate at which pets stray away has been greatly reduced, said one veterinarian.
There have been a lot of new tools invented over the years and different pet trackers based on the type of pet you adopt and other various gps chip for dogs.

Pet Trackers for Dogs

There different types pet trackers over the years, there are dogs gps tracker and gps chip and lots more of them, choosing the type of pet gps tracker for your dog is your choice.
Choosing one of these should be on how you want it to be and how easy it would be for your dogs.
There are a lot of gps chip for your dog and they come in different forms such as gps collar, nuzzle gps, paw tracker or gps chip and lots more also there are chips for smartphone users and non smartphone users.

Common dogs gps tracker and gps chip

These are top amazon dog gps tracker and each of these are not up to $300, they are cheap and easy to afford.
  • Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor
  • Garmin PT10 Dog Device Red Collar (Pro 70/Pro 550)
  • Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor (Leather or Sport)
  • Poof Bean Pet Activity Tracker.

Tips to remeber when getting a dog gps tracker

  • Get familiar with the signal strength of your location before getting a pet tracker.
  •  We strongly recommend you to test any gps tracker you buy in your neighborhood before trusting it to keep your pet safe.
  • Make sure  your cell carrier has good coverage as tall buildings might interfere with the GPS signals. We strongly recommend these hot picks AT&T ( Whistle 3) and T-Mobile (Trax).
  • If you stay in a dead cellular zone, you might as well try Bluetooth trackers or trackers that uses radio frequency. But they have shorter range.
  • If your dog is a frequent swimmer, you should get a water resistant tracker. Trackers like whistle 3 is also a great option.
Getting one of these modern dog gps tracker would do you a lot of good and relieves you of stress and panicking over the safety of your pet or dog.
I urge you to try one of these latest gps chip also.
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