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Top tech toys for pets 2019

Prevent Your Pet from wandering with these tech tools.

Pets are already regarded part of most families, therefore it is not a surprise anymore that the world is now more of high tech about these pets.

We are now a world of pet lovers, In fact there is over 98% of Irish pet owners who consider this pets as families and about 43% of this percentage allow these pets sleep in their beds. Thus this is a big market for tech companies to tap resources from, so what exactly do these tech companies have for this pets


Pets can wander away and also can get lost. They sometimes disappear for days and sometimes don't even return, if you are the owner of one these pets that wander away, it is always upsetting and annoying for our pet to get lost or wander away for days without returning.

You must have heard about pet trackers and this is becoming very common for Irish pet owners. There are a lot of pet tracker out there, you've got to choose your choice for your pet.
The latest pet tracker in the tech world market is the Vodafone’s Pet Tracker, which uses the Pod 3 tracker on a pet collar to keep tabs on your pet friend. You are able to set up  zones that would be safe so you will be alerted incase your pet is about to stray from home.
This devices allows you to follow your pet activity through real life maps, activity and real time tracking.

A second option I will recommend is the "Tractive" Tractive is a GPS tracker that is made for cats and dogs. The cat version of this pet tracker is a smart breakaway collar; while the dog version is a tile that you'll have to  attach to their existing collar. Both  features offer live tracking, but the cat version also gives you the ability to monitor your cat’s fitness through their activity. The dog version offers a virtual fence with smartphone alerts if your pet manages to break free.

It requires subscription for it to work effectively and has a basic subscription cost of €89.90 for a whole year, allowing to you to keep tabs on your pet’s movements in real time; with this feature, you'll also get a worldwide coverage for pet and share this access to the tracker other accounts.

High Tech Toys

Do you want to keep your dog on his toes while you are away? Or maybe  you want to keep your cat amused on a long winter’s night when you don’t want to risk the cat doing a midnight flit.
 iFetch gives you the simplest game, fetch, and gives it a tech twist. This interactive ball launcher comes in three versions: the original iFetch and iFetch too, which launch different sized tennis balls at your pet. And the iFetch Frenzy which is less tech and more physics based, using gravity and your pet’s tenacity to keep them feeding the balls into the device.

Some products pull double duty. The Pet Cube 2’s cat version has a laser toy built in that is the ultimate in laziness for pet owners. Now you don’t even have to bother with a laser pointer at the wall – just let the camera do it all for you.
If you have seen a cat flap, you’ll really appreciate how easy they are, but also how much you want to keep them away from intruders.

It’s not exactly new technology, but there are a range of pet doors that are set to only open when it detects your pet’s microchip. The SureFlap Pet Door Connect, however, can be app controlled. It will still work with your pet’s microchip or the RFID collar included with the package, but you can use the app to switch the door to entry only to keep your pets at home, even if you are out of the house.


If humans have smart beds, why can’t pets?
Petrics developed a system that will help you track your dog’s health as he or she sleeps. There is an attachment for your pet’s collar that monitors their activity and rest, an app that stores all the data, and a smart bed that has climate control and a built in scale. That way you can keep track of your pet’s vital statistics while they get a decent night’s sleep.

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