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Adopting the right pet | Cats or Dogs

Many people often think of what pet to adopt, some are not sure whether it would be a dog or a cat. Some are scared of adopting a dog because of it's expensive bills. Most people often debate on cats and dogs as which to is the best pet to keep.
People have their preference over the choice of pet they would like to adopt, nevertheless I always suggest adopting a cat for persons who have busy schedules and dogs for those who are very social.
I'll explain some reasons why you should adopt the kind of pet that suit your personality.

#1. Cleanliness
Pet hygiene is very important to humans and there are clear ways in which cats and dogs are kept clean.
Many dogs require constant upkeep even though the frequency varies from breed to breed.
Owners do ensure their dogs are well bathed and groomed on a constant basis. Remember not all dogs could swim or like water at all, so dog owners find it difficult to get their dogs to bath.
Cats don't require bathing, instead they lick themselves and others, they don't get messy as dogs, they try to keep themselves clean always. They go to the extent of covering their poop, they feel its their own responsibility to keep themselves clean. As a cat owner you need not worry about cleaning all the time.

#2.  Less finance
Finance is  very crucial aspect to consider when adopting a pet, their food bills, health bills, and other bills that might come up.
Dogs are actually bigger than cats, they require more food bills, health and other veterinary expenses. They require clothing too, for owners who love to dress their dogs.
But cats aren't like this, they are indoor pets and smaller in sizes compared to dogs, they experience less health issues help their owners to minimize cost and other future expenses.

#3. Difficulty in caring
Caring for an animal involves a lot of work, one should always consider the responsibility involved as to which pet he decides to adopt.
Dogs demand a lot of attention due to their need of initial training and house breaking which takes about 2 months or more. It is recommended that dogs shouldn't be left alone, to talk less of their daily needs for walks and other care, they might develop separation anxiety.
But cats aren't made this way, cats could cope when their owners depart for a very long period of time, they could even adopt into using litter box. If you have a busy lifestyle, a self sufficient animal would be better for you due to its low maintaining.

The greatest measure of value a pet could have is how they interact with their owners, both in terms of activities and when interaction is needed.
Cats are indoor oriented animals, they have low social skills and probably enjoy things on their own terms. Cat owners find it difficult to get their attention, they probably use laser lights to get their attention. Cats typically show love to their humans and are social, but they are indoor pets.
If you would like to explore the whole outdoors, cats may not be your close companion.
Dogs are both outdoor and indoor animals, they could play well in these environment, all dogs need to get fresh air from time to time. Dogs would engage more directly with their owners, a common activity for owners is to take their dog for walks. These canines actually makes you do more, keeping you fit and building a strong bond between the two of you.

#5 Health
Certainly, most pet owners are always concerned about the health of their pet, while you are still trying to figure out the right type of pet you want to adopt, I'll suggest you also look into the nature of their health, the type of disease they are likely prone to.
Just like most cats are prone to obesity and arthritis and most dogs are prone to rabies, adopting any of these pets might actually require you to know more about these diseases, how your cat or dog could develop them and how they could be prevented.

#6  Functionality 
As regards to home training or tricks, functionality of each pet is uncommon, each pet is uniquely attached to its use and purposes.
Cats are well known for their hunting and killing skills, generally being effective at driving out mice, rodent and other smaller animals.
Meanwhile dogs are known for their loyalty, trainability and devotedness to man which is why they are considered man's best friend because they are trained to help you in many ways.
They actually serve as service dogs, helping the police sniff out drugs and protecting their owners from strangers.

 With my little knowledge about these pets, I think I'm able to explain some facts about these two great pets, their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the type of person you are, maybe a dog or cat person, choose a pet that would fit your lifestyle, if you are a busy person, you should go for cats, but if you'd love to explore your environment, a dog would fit you. Remember to share with friends and families especially to ones who aren't sure of what pet to adopt.

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