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7 Annoying things Humans do to Dogs.

We all love our dogs and would certainly want to every thing to please them, making sure they always feel loved, but in some occasions we might be doing the wrong thing entirely. Have you ever thought you could actually be annoying your dog? Or you might have been doing the wrong thing these whole time and you probably think its the right thing to do. Yet these dogs loves us unconditionally.
Don't worry, this post explains certain things dogs don't like when humans do this things to them.

#1 Loud noises and strong fragrance
Dogs have a super sense abilities, they could hear 1000 times better than humans.
Fireworks, Dryers, generators, blenders, washing machine and other home appliances emits great noise that affects you. Certainly it does irritates your pup because of it's exceptional hearing abilities.
The same goes for strong odors too, the dog's ear and nose is actually the same, dogs could smell better than humans. It would be appropriate to avoid strong odors that would cause discomfort for your dog.

#2 Hugging
Hugging is a natural habit we show to others that we care about them or probably we miss them, these habits aren't really cool with dogs.
Hugging a dog might seem unnatural and discomforting especially to a dog you don't know, it might try to bite you.
Hugging your dog isn't a bad idea but when it's ear is stiffed, you should know the dog isn't pleased with this act.
The best thing to do is to wait for the dog to cuddle you on its own terms, then you could pat him on the dog.

#3 Talking too much
You might think talking all the time makes your dog understand every command you might try to give, but the truth is, too much commands confuses your dog.
Dogs could understand human emotions and feelings, talking all the time could be sending a wrong signal. You could also use straight command words like come, walk, sit, treat.
Dogs appreciate it better if you use body languages to talk to them and giving them commands.
Talk less and use more of body languages when communicating with them.

#4  No structure and rules
Giving dogs a free living life isn't really cool, you might be thinking giving your dog rules might actually make life boring. But dogs really want to know what their owners have for them.
Rules makes your dog life predictable and less stressful, also boost his confidence. Making rules and structure would make your dog have an interesting, fun filled life.
Training your dog is also essential to have a well structured life for your dog, Dogs thrive when they know their limitations.
Reward your dog positively when they abide by these rules, thus proving you're a good leader.

#5 Staring too much
Long eye contact with dogs is inappropriate and actually makes them nervous and aggressive especially to an unfamiliar dog. Staring too much at a dogs eyes might lead to dominance issues.
To avoid being bitten by a dog, try to avoid looking directly at the dog's eyes.

#6 Being bored
Dogs are social creatures and can't stand boredom, in fact they are companion animals. No one actually wants to feel left out, no even dogs. Leaving our dog alone for a very long time isn't good, they may start experiencing separation anxiety.
We may have tight and busy schedules, and spend little or no time with our dogs.
Playing games like "find it" with its favourite toy actually worth the effort. Dogs need the company of their owners most of the times.
Dogs really appreciate when their owners spend quality time with them.

#7. Not allowing sniffing
Dogs are amazing pets that enjoying having walks and other outdoor activities. Dogs explore their environment through sniffing not with sight as humans do.
Don't rush walks with your dog, allow it to stop and sniff for a little while, allowing your dog to sniff helps it to get a good understanding of its environment.

Having learn some ways in which you literally annoy your pup indirectly, you should stop doing these things. As you do, you'll continue to understand your dog better. Remember to share this post with your friends and those who might find it difficult to understand their dogs body language.

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