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How to feed your cat the right way | 5 mistakes to avoid

Food is a very important aspect of life for any living organism, including you, I and your cat. Food is very good for the body, it offers nutritional benefits. In other for your cats or any animal you have to maximize these benefits that come from good food, then you have to feed it the right way.
Feeding your cat the right way is a very crucial topic to know about. I've listed out the best ways possible you can feed your cat, just stay relaxed and read every single word in this post.

#1 Avoid too much food
Food is very important for your cats health and growth, but too much food makes your cat prone to obesity.
The amount of food you give to your cat is really important regardless of hoe you feed your cat.
Make use of measuring cup, remember to calculate your cats food intake. Make sure the amount is normal, ask your vet to enlighten you on the right quantity of food.
Avoid free feeding, but you can feed your cat three to four times meal daily
Make use of food puzzles to make food stay longer, this method is best used by owners who have busy schedules.

#2 Avoid Unfriendly Environment
This is where many cat owners fail most when it comes to the right way to feed their pets.
Make sure your cat eats in a calm, cool environment.
Cats have super hearing abilities, and might feel threatened because of the various sounds in their environment.
Make a safe place in which your cat might eat freely and peacefully.
Remember to place your cat's dish bowl properly to enable her have a clear view and vision while eating.

#3 Avoid very little water
Truly, your puss need water for digestion and excess might be dangerous.
The body needs about 55% to 75% of Water for a healthy living. Water deficiency in your puss system might endanger her and could lead to serious problem.
I'll encourage to give her wet foods not only dry foods, cats need their water with food.

#4 Avoid feeding your cat only veggies
Most pet owners would want their puss to live naturally, feeding your cat natural foods like veggies isn't a bad idea either. But you must remember cats aren't omnivores like you and I, they are carnivores, they need flesh.
You might alternate when you feed your cat veggies with some fleshy foods like meat, mice, bones,fish etc
You might consider trying out raw foods, consult your vet for more information on raw foods.

#5 Don't change her diet too quickly
You may be worried about the shape or size of your puss and you might conclude its the effect from your cats diet, you might want to quickly change your cats diet.
Ask your vet if certain changes in your cat warrant you changing her diet, if changing her diet is very important, you have to do it gently and gradually.

I hope you find this article helpful, if you need more information on how to feed your cat the right way, Consult a veterinarian.
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