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How to be a Responsible Pet Owner

Being a responsible Pet owner involves a lot of things, not just taking care of animal's welfare. It also involves being responsible to the society and the environments in which pets will live, making it more tolerable for non-animal lovers.
The guidance in this post will enhance the bond between owners and their pets.

Treatment against worms and fleas.
This is a very crucial topic and most likely enrage non-animal lovers and responsible pet owners alike  is the amount of pollution caused by dog excreta. It has been estimated that approximately 1,000,000kg of canine excreta is deposited in the UK everyday, it has been well publicized that faecal waste from dogs and cats can spread diseases. 
Pet owners are advised that regular treatment against the roundworms and the common tapeworm is the only way of ensuring that their pet will remain healthy and will not a threat to public health.
They are also encouraged to pick up their pet faeces and to dispose of it in the bin provided or in their own bins, to maintain a safe and pleasant environment.
Many pet owners live under the happy illusion that their pet is immune to fleas and it is not until there is a severe infestation or pets have developed a flea bite allergy.
This post is encouraging pet owners to take every opportunity to treat their pets regularly against fleas and other forms of diseases.

The facts that many of the fatal and debilitating disease to which cats and dogs can succumb are relatively rare is entirely due to vaccination programs.
Unfortunately many pet owners do not realise this and do not understand that immunity can be only maintained through booster vaccination.
Vaccination also help in the prevention of zoonosis. This post is educating pet owners and encourage them by incorporating free health checks and sending booster reminders. They should ensure that particular care should be given and taken in ensuring that pets entering boarding establishments and breeding bitches and queens are up to date with their vaccination.

Spaying prevents your female animal from getting pregnant through surgery by removing the uterus and ovaries.
Surely most pet owners want their female pets to give birth to young ones, but excess child births might cause harm to this female animals due old age. Spaying is considered as an alternative to help old female pets live longer.
It helps to remove messiness in your pet.
Spaying has a lot of benefits it contributes to the health of your pet.
It reduces over population in pets.
It reduces the risk of diseases like breast cancer.
Female pets have experienced a happier life with this process. Pets owners are encouraged to spay their pets that are of age to improve the quality of life of their pet.

It is the opposite of spaying, this is a surgical procedure also called castration in male pets, be it a dog or cat. Through neutering male pets have enjoyed a healthier, happy life.
It helps prevent unpleasant sexual behaviors like humping and urine marking and aggression problems in them. Neutering prevents risk from diseases like cancer of the testicles and other form of such disease.
Pet owners should  ask a Vet for on more information neutering.

Being a responsible pet owner makes us responsible and better persons in the society.
Its helps strengthen the love and bond between us and our pets, creating a conducive ecosystem between pet owners and non pet owners.
I think you found this post helpful and educative.
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