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5 Tips to help you understand your dog's behaviour

Understanding your dog's body language helps to build to strong bond between you and her, it promotes a healthy relationship and improves better communication  too.
Many pup owners find it difficult to understand the ways in which their pup is trying to tell them something. Nevertheless dogs are full of surprises, so it is important to know about your dog's behavior and acquire some of their body language skills.
I've explained some basic knowledge about the dog's behavior and way of life. 
#1  The dog's tail
  • When your dog wags it tail slowly, it means it is not sure of what is happening, it wants you to tell her what you want her to do. Help it navigate the situation.
  • When your dog wags it tail rapidly, it means you are in charge.
  • If your dog raises it tail and tremors it slightly, your dog is challenging your authority. Seeing himself brave and strong, probably in a good mood telling himself "I'm proud of myself".
  • Most often dogs tuck their tail between their legs, when your dog do this, it means its scared, afraid of someone or something and feels uncomfortable. If there is no reasons for such concerns, see a vet.
#2   The dog's eyes
  • When your dogs eyes are wide open and alert, it wants to get your attention, thus this mean its challenging you. Expecting you to respond firmly.
  • When you approach an unfamiliar dog, avoid looking directly to his eyes, to dogs starring at their eyes means aggression.
  • If your dog squints and blinks, it is certainly ready to play, throw him his favorite ball or take him for a walk, if he squints a lot, his eyes may be in pain. Take him to a vet.
    #3    The dog's ears
    • When your dog's ear is standing straight up, that means he is curious and reacting to the event in his environment.
    • If your dog ears are flattened against the head, it is a sign its scared, sometimes it might be one ear down. Most times this how dogs treat unfamiliar people or people they are afraid of, if this happens around you, try calming you dog down.
    #4     The dog's face
    • When you notice when your dog's yawns, it means he is grumpy and nervous. Puppies do this when they are surrounded with unfamiliar big dogs.
    • If your dog yawns after you, it means he is certainly very much attached to you. Also, probably its just late and its time to sleep.
    • When your dog licks his face, it means his stressed or feeling pressure or danger.
    • Through this gesture, he might be encouraging potential aggressors remain calm.
    • If your dog exposes his teeth without snarling, he is certainly protecting his territory, he often do this while eating. Never come close to an unfamiliar dog while he is eating, he might think you want to steal his food.
    #5.   The dog's stance
    •  When your dog rolls over and exposes his belly, he certainly trust you and want to please you. When you rub your dog's belly after he rolls over, you are telling him you are is pleased with his behaviour. Keep rubbing, your dog loves it.
    • When your dog puts his head on your kneel, it means he needs you and want your attention.
    • If he puts his noses on your hand, he wants you to pet him, sometimes he might be lonely and want to play for a while .
    • If your dog has one paw raised, it means he wants to ask you something, maybe he is hungry or wants to play.  Dogs do this when they find something interesting.
    • If your dog turns his back, it means that he trust you a lot. Congratulations you have become a real friend.
    • When your dog shakes like he shakes off water after a bath, it means he is relieving tension. Probably he is stressed or met an unpleasant person or dog.
    I hope these few tips would be helpful, and you must have learned few tips about the behavior of your dog.
    Why not share it with someone who just got a pup in your neighborhood. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated, use the comment box to tell us how you feel.

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