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5 Reasons your cat could drink milk

It is a very common thought that cat's love milk and most cats owners believes that milk is actually good for them while others say it is bad for them because they are lactose intolerant. If you have a cat and you've considered giving it milk as a special treat. I'll suggest you stop if you don't have the full knowledge of how milk affects your cats.
Nevertheless, I'm not writing these things to make you biased nor confused.
But the questions is "Is milk really dangerous for all cats", I'll explain every details and fact you need to know about why giving your cat milk can be dangerous and might also be healthy.

#1. Consider your cats age
Age factor plays important role in cats on how they are able to digest milk.
Yes, folks do say that cats are unable to digest milk sugar, this is very true.
Inability of a cat to digest milk sugar or milk depends on its age, older cats are milk sugar intolerant, this suggests that intake of milk makes them gassy and even soft stool or diarrhea. So for older cats you might not feed them milk.
But, you might wonder, what about kittens.
Kittens are young ones of a cat, at this tender age they need a lot of milk, especially from their mother.
If you have adopted a kitten that hasn't be weaned yet. You need to give it a lot of milk and you should ask a vet for the appropriate kind of milk.

#2. What type of Milk can be given 
Like I explained earlier about milk not given to older cats and milk given to kittens.
Remember not all old cats are lactose intolerant, it depends on the kind of breed you have adopted, you should know your cats breed before giving it milk.
For choosing the right kind of milk, I strongly recommend organic milk for your cat especially kittens.
If you have a kitten that is yet to be weaned, give it enough milk. In the absence of its mother, you should give it enough organic milk or you could ask a vet.
Raw milk from goats or cow can be given to kittens too.

#3. What quantity is required 
Some older cats could have milk too depending on the quantity. The amount of milk you give to your cat should depend on its overall diet.

If your cat is overweight, milk like any other treat should be occasionally. You might give your cat little milk about 2 teaspoons.
You might also skim your cat and also ask a vet for better prescriptions.

#4 Your Cat could drink Milk 
Most adult cats are lactose intolerant like humans, lactose is that sugar found in milk.
As cats grow older, they tend to loose this enzyme that helps to digest sugar in milk.
Cats that are lactose intolerant end up with stomach pain and diarrhea after 8 to 12 hours of drinking milk.
There is no way to check if your cat is lactose intolerant, so giving her milk might be putting her in risk. You might stay away from milk to be in the safer side.
If your cat loves milk, and it doesn't affect it, you should let your cat have milk, but preferable milk.
Lactose free milk or organic could be a reasonable choice. Milks rich in taurine or amino acid is the best because cats require all these as nutrients for its development.
Remember soy milk shouldn't be given to your cat because it is gotten from soya beans.

#5 Alternative to milk
The best alternative to milk is water, this may sound boring but its the best alternative to milk because cats don't get enough of water in their diet.
You might get a drinking fountain to make it fun for your cats because they provide water for your cat to drink, you cat would love it this.

 Now that you have gained a little knowledge as to whether your cats could take milk or not. Truth been told,  milk is very essential for kitten, so i encourage milk. As for older cats you might consider the age because they might become lactose intolerant.
But water is very good alternative to milk for older cats. Remember to share with your friends, you could also drop your comments using the comments box below.


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